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Lottie Leith

A Bit About Me

Sophie left us 17 months ago. It turned so many peoples lives upside down including me. 

We had conversations about getting into cycling and signing up for triathlons. This is the type of crazy challenge she would have likely put her mind to. It's definitely the hardest thing I've ever done. 

Apologies in advance for the booze dodging, having average triathlon chat and generally bailing last minute as the weather has changed to allow a cycle. It's definitely a struggle to get the hours in!

Thanks to everyone that has helped with training so far. If anyones in London and fancies a run/cycle with a tired Ciara and Rich and I, then please let us know. 

Hopefully funds raised will contribute to helping as many people as possible to make a different choice to the one Sophie felt she had to make in October 2020. 

Miss you Soph and hope you're proud of us. 

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