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"Love Life" Art Challenge

Terms & Conditions

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before registering for The Sophie Clarke Foundation’s “Love Life” Art Challenge. By selecting agree and paying for your entry, you agree that you have accepted these Terms and Conditions. 


1. Registration

1.1. To register for the challenge participants must select a category and provide their contact details with a minimum of a £5 donation per submission to The Sophie Clarke Foundation. 

1.2. Participants can submit an unlimited number of pieces to ONE category. Following initial registration, participants can submit an unlimited number of pieces for display in the online gallery free of charge. Additional submissions to be considered for exhibition at 22 Bishopsgate require an additional registration and minimum £5 donation to The Sophie Clarke Foundation.

1.3. Registration can be completed on the behalf of participants in the Children or Teens categories.

1.4. All registrations must be completed by 30 September 2021.


2. Submission 

2.1. Pieces must be submitted in the form of a photograph with a title and short description (max. 100 words) sent to by 30 September 2021.

2.2. By submitting your work via photograph, you are consenting to its display in the online gallery on The Sophie Clarke Foundation’s website.

2.3. Any submissions after the deadline 30 September 2021 will not be considered for exhibition but will be displayed in the online gallery.  

2.4. Only submissions received from registered participants before the deadline will be considered for exhibition. 


3. Art Tutorials & Workshops

3.1. Only those registered for the challenge will be able to participate in free online and in person art tutorials. Tutorials with limited space will be run on a first come first serve basis. 

3.2. Those participating in the Live Tutorials do so entirely at their own risk.

3.3. Tutorials are subject to change and cancellation. 


4. Selection & Judging

4.1. A judging panel will select 10 submissions from each category to be exhibited. An additional 40 submissions will be chosen from the remaining entries. The number of pieces exhibited is subject to change. 

4.2. Participants selected to be exhibited at 22 Bishopsgate will be contacted via the email they registered with and asked to confirm their exhibition place. 

4.3. Once a participant confirms their exhibition place, The Sophie Clarke Foundation will provide details on how and where pieces should be sent/delivered. 


5. Exhibition & Auction

5.1. If selected to be exhibited, the chosen artist will need to confirm and agree to the exhibition of their piece. 

5.2. Places in the exhibition are not transferable. If a participant denies the exhibition of their chosen submission the judges will select another in its place. 

5.3. On confirming a place at the exhibition, the participant is agreeing donation of their submitted piece to The Sophie Clarke Foundation. From there onwards The Sophie Clarke Foundation have the right auction the piece and use it for promotional materials, including information leaflets, posters and social media. 

5.4. Exhibited pieces will preferably be on stretched canvas, but if a piece is on art paper larger than the size A3 the participant is responsible for framing it to be displayed. 

5.5. Money raised from the auction of exhibited pieces will be donated to the named charity/charities. In the event of an exhibited piece not being auctioned it will be returned to the artist.

5.6. Participants registered in the professionals category have the option to receive 50% of the

5.7. Exhibition and auction will take place in November 2021, dates TBC. 

5.8. The exhibition and auction are subject to COVID restrictions and will be adapted according to government guidelines. 


6. Changes and Refund Policy

6.1. The art challenge has a no refund policy. If you have registered and donated a minimum of £5 but wish to withdraw your place, The Sophie Clarke Foundation is unable to refund your donation. 

6.2. Deadlines and event details are subject to change during the course of the “Love Life” Art Challenge. Participants will be informed of important changes regarding the challenge. 

6.3. The Sophie Clarke Foundation reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time during the challenge. 

These terms and conditions were last updated 3 June 2021.

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