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Register for the category most suited to your ability from the descriptions below...


You may not have touched a paintbrush before or tried to draw but, whether you are a complete beginner or thinking to yourself “I’m no good at art”, this is the category for you. We hope this challenge will help you discover the wellbeing benefits of art. Make sure you sign up for our free tutorials which will help you get started and relax into the process!


You will have spent some time trying to paint or draw, whether it was last week, a few years ago or not since school. You may have completed a number of paintings or drawings, some of which you may have been quite happy with, but you are confident that you don't belong in the advanced category. Join our tutorials to help you get started!


You are an active artist and/or will have spent some part of your life dedicated to developing your art skills, either as a hobby or student (e.g. A-level or university art). Hopefully you will also find some of the Challenge's art group/tutorials interesting and enjoyable.


Relatively self explanatory. This category is for anyone aged 12 or under. We hope you can participate and get support from family, friends and school.


Relatively self explanatory. This category is for anyone between the ages 13 and 18. We hope that you will join and enjoy the free art tutorials both online and in person. 


You are an active artist and have exhibited and/or sold your art. If you have any time to spare and would be interested in leading an Art Group or Tutorial, please get in touch on Instagram or by emailing

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