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The "Love Life" Art Challenge is ending with an exhibition and auction at the spectacular 22 Bishopsgate, London. We are extremely excited that this mental health charity event will be held on one of the building's brand new top floors with 360° views of London's skyline. 

22 Bishopsgate has been designed around the people working in it. From the impressive health and fitness facilities to the art displayed around the building, 22 has been designed to nurture its occupants' wellbeing and mental health, strongly aligning with our values, with an emphasis on the positive impact a building's working environment can have on its occupiers. 

100 of the Love Life art submissions will be exhibited alongside some of Sophie's own artwork from Monday 8 November to Wednesday 17 November. We are very much looking forward to this element of the "Love Life" Art Challenge, but at the same time recognise that the exhibition and auction will be subject to the unpredictable vagaries of COVID-19 restrictions and guidance.

All artwork is being auctioned to fundraise for our partner charities.

Please visit our online silent auction to browse and bid on the Love Life artwork (launching week c. 25 November).

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