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Answering your questions...

Does my entry have to be a painting?
Not if you don't want it to be! You can use whatever materials you want as long as we would be able to display it at the exhibition. We recommend completing your piece on a canvas or art paper that can be framed.

I don't know what to paint/draw! How do I decide? (Includes a TOP TIP!)
The title "Love Life" can be interpreted how ever you want it to be! From landscapes to portraits and still life; abstract paintings to fine line, detailed drawings and collages; from a photograph, another painting or just the world around you. The options are endless! Why not give yourself 10 minutes to have a go with each and see which inspires you most? Try paint an object, draw a loved one, create a dramatic landscape using different materials and textures. Test to see which subjects and materials you find the most relaxing and rewarding, then develop your idea from there! 

How do I find the time to do art? It's so hard to sit down and start! (Includes a TOP TIP!)
It can be hard to find the time and inspiration to sit down and do some art, but once you do we promise you it will be worthwhile. You don't need to spend weeks and weeks on your submission if you don't want to - the key is to get something down and see where it takes you. Why not set yourself a 15 minute timer and see what you can create in that time? Our art director, Jonathan, often finds these quickly completed pieces to have the most character and flow. Or perhaps plan a session with friends and/or family - painting, pizza and Prosecco party anyone? We have had a number of these parties and they are great fun.

I'm unbelievably bad at art, surely you don't want my submission?
We most definitely do! Even if you've never touched a paint brush we would love you to submit a piece of art. The whole point of this challenge is to try something new, do something different with your friends and maybe discover a new hobby! It's a bit of fun for a good cause and ends with an exciting event for everyone to enjoy!

How does this challenge fundraise?
The charity exhibition and auction is where we have the power to make a real difference for PAPYRUS and Sound Minds and their amazing work in suicide prevention and support of those struggling with their mental health. We are hoping to auction about 100 submissions, from ALL categories - including you beginners! So we need you to submit your "Love Life" art piece and ask your friends and family to sponsor a bid for your work when it is auctioned in November!

I'm a professional artist - can I still join?
YES! If you've exhibited and/or sold your art we would be extremely grateful if you considered donating a piece to the charity auction in November. If you interested, please fill out the professionals form linked below. 

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