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We decided to set up The Sophie Clarke Foundation in honour and memory of our spectacular sister and daughter who heartbreakingly decided to take her life in October 2020. 


Sophie’s story (below) is a powerful example of why we need to check on all of our friends, even those who appear to be happy, strong and thriving. Our hope is that the Foundation will enable us to emphasise this message and raise widespread awareness of how important it is to look after ourselves, support those around us and encourage change the prevents the overwhelming number of suicides that happen each year. 


There is a countless number of charities taking a wide range of unconventional approaches to mental health support, strength and recovery. We set up the Foundation as a means of congregating enough funds to enable us to work closely with them to make a real difference. While we would give anything in the world to have Sophie back with us, we want to harness the power of her story and the impact of this horrendous loss to inspire change and create a positive and valuable legacy. 

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Sophie's story is a powerful example of why we need to check on our strong friends. Click here to find out more about her life and mental health challenges.

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