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our mission

Our mission is to tackle the current UK mental health crisis by collaborating with and supporting charities who are implementing proactive and preventative solutions that improve mental health and resilience.

what we love about
the mental health movement

Everyone's getting involved. People are talking, working together with the common goal of improving the UK's mental health. It's widely acknowledged that change is needed. 

Where we think the
movement needs improvement

We think there needs to be greater work towards prevention. Invaluable work of charities and organisations has made a huge difference to the amount of mental health support available. While we continue to work with these amazing organisations, we are determined to be proactive and not just reactive when battling the mental health crisis.

How we combine the above to make a real difference

Financially support and work with existing charities; pull our resources together to build a proactive and preventative framework that can be deployed nationwide. Our intention is to equip children and young people with the skills and resilience to tackle challenges they face day-to-day and build their mental fitness. Not only would this help prevent future suffering, but take strain off the limited availability of mental health support. 

at the centre of our mission:

resilience copy.png

We strongly believe resilience has the power to transform the UK's mental health. Our ongoing work and research with Wilfrid's House intends to start building a more resilient society that is equipped with the ability to adapt and cope with stress, trauma and mental health adversity.

We look forward to sharing more on this partnership.

In the meantime, click below to find our more about Wildfrid's House and their work towards a more resilient future.

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