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Kayak 4 Sophie

The rugby boots have been put away and the aqua shoes are on. 

Charlie and Stephen have decided to take on the worlds hardest kayak ultramarathon, Devizes to Westminster. 125 miles, 77 locks and a marathon of running between them in (hopefully) under 24 hours in memory of Soph.

Being complete novices and having only picked up a paddle 6 weeks ago they were nearly laughed out of the club when they joined with their plan but, 2 sunken boats and a few swims later they may just have won the other members round to the idea (TBC). 

The race is Easter weekend 2023, before then they still have a handful of "qualifying" races to complete and winter to navigate. Follow along for the highs, lows and hopefully acceptance into the kayak community. 

If you would like to come for a paddle and a chat or just to enjoy the calm of the canals then please let us know as they would love to have you involved.

Please donate to their Just Giving page and follow their Instagram.

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