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Working to make a
real difference

By collaborating and funding mental health and suicide prevention charities that are taking a proactive and preventative approach to the crisis, we are determined to make a real difference to the UK's mental health and resilience.


Working together to
improve mental health

Follow the links below to find out more about the charities we've been working with.

Suicide and co.png

We supported this amazing charity at the 2022 Spirit of Christmas Fair, where we fundraised, raised awareness and tackled some of the stigma around suicide. 

The result? 

In 2023 Suicide&Co. will be returning to Spirit of Christmas as their official charity partner!

The ability to adapt and cope with stress, trauma and mental health adversity

The Sophie Clarke Foundation believes that the current mental health narrative and related organisational and individual mental health strategies and behaviours would benefit from a greater focus on building resilience as a means of helping people better cope with stress, trauma and adversity. To help achieve this objective we actively advocated the regular use of the phrase: 


Mental Health and Resilience

Let's work together

Is your mental health charity ready to make a real difference but lacking the resources? If you share our mission and are interested in having a conversation, please get in touch below. 

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