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Ironman 4 Sophie

On Sunday 5 June 2022, Dan, Lottie, Boxy and Rich were in Hamburg, Germany taking part in the European Ironman Championship, their first ever Ironman. Known as the Home Port of Triathlon, this dynamic event features an unforgettable finish at the famous Town Hall market square and was expected to take around 12 hours. The team absolutely SMASHED it, beating all of their predicted times and raising over £20,000 for The Sophie Clarke Foundation and Schools Today. 

Team times: 

Rich Smale - Swim: 1h01m, Bike: 5h29m, Run: 3h45m, TOTAL: 10h31m

Andy Boxall - Swim: 1h04m, Bike: 5h51m, Run: 3h,35m, TOTAL: 10h47m

Lottie Leith - Swim: 1h32m, Bike: 6h49m, Run: 4h16m, TOTAL: 12h43m

Dan Lytton - Swim: 1h03m, Bike: 6h25m, Run: 4h50m, TOTAL: 12h47m

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The course:

Stage 1

3.8km swim through the Binnenalster and the Außenalster lakes.

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 16.28.35.png

Stage 2

180km cycle from Ballindamm along some of the best sights such as the Reeperbahn.

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 16.28.51.png

Stage 3

42.2km run through the heart of the city of Hamburg and along the famous Alster Lake.

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 16.29.18.png

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