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The inspiration behind the 'Love Life' Art Challenge was Sophie's own passion for art, especially as a means of relaxing and checking in with herself.

While Sophie was unable to participate in the Challenge, in a way she already has...

Below are a few of the pieces Sophie completed both at school and in her free time in the years that followed. We hope they give you an insight into what 'Love Life' might have meant to her.

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The Road Home

Inspired by David Hockney, for her A-Level art Sophie painted the familiar road in and out of New Polzeath. Cornwall, and Polzeath particularly, was Sophie's favourite place in the world and her spiritual home. It is where she truly shone, filling her days with her favourite things: walking, running, surfing, paddle boarding, waterskiing and enjoying the beautiful views with friends. 


Adventure Artist

A travel and adventure addict, exploring the world would most definitely feature in Sophie's interpretation of "Love Life". Whether it was a doodle as she relaxed in her hotel or reliving her travels through a painting she did back home, Sophie loved to translate her memories of the places she'd seen onto paper. While she explored South Africa, Bali, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand  in 2015/16 she illustrated alongside her travel journal, leaving us an amazing story of what had been our longest time apart. 

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Alpbach, Austria

"Queenstown is unbelievable - literally my

favourite place ever - so so pretty."


"I bought some shark tooth bracelets from a local, he was so grateful. It makes me happy that it makes him happy. I took his photo and definitely want to draw him later."

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Kruger, South Africa

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Bondi Beach, Australia

Family Portraits

Much to their embarrassment, Sophie completed some spectacular portraits of her Dad and Granny, who both share her love of art and she would paint alongside on holidays in Cornwall. 

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Paintings as Presents

When her routine would allow it, Sophie loved to paint for her friends. Not only is the painting below one that Sophie did for a friend, but it is a familiar view from the end of one of her favourite walks in Cornwall.

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